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Service Description: Forests of Recognized Importance (FORI) areas were previously known as High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF), a term that is used by other forest sustainability certification bodies. These areas—as the Maryland Forest Service chooses to define them—are 100 foot buffers of Stronghold Watersheds (version 5), Trout bearing streams, streams feeding municipal drinking water reservoirs, and Maryland Department of the Environment Tier II High Quality Waters. Forests intercepting these areas during a management plan review should receive special consideration and protection and be buffered according to the Operations Order. This GIS data is representative of ground conditions, but not to the exclusion of streams (perennial or intermittent) that are not depicted in the data. If a stream (perennial or intermittent) is encountered on the ground, and is not depicted in this data, and meets any of the above criteria, the stream should be considered FORI, and management actions and plans should reflect this designation.

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